'saltwater joy' saturday may 11th 2 pm



The Saltwater Joy

Old Time Atlantic Coast Music Band

Biggar Majestic Theatre

Saturday,May 11 th

2 to 4 pm

Saltwater Joy

… will be puttin’ the fiddle,

accordion, guitars, mandolin and  bass to

… a full lineup of songs from well-

loved Atlantic Coast artists such as

John Allan Cameron, Rita MacNeil,

Anne Murray, Stan Rogers, Hank

Snow, Stompin’ Tom Connors, Ron

Hynes, Buddy Wasisname … +

You’ll also hear

… your favorite ‘Rovers Style’ tunes

from the Irish Rovers, Dubliners,

Clancy Brothers, Great Big Sea … +

… along with well-known good

ol’ down east standards

… and, we’ll throw onboard a lively

mix of bluegrass and

Grand Ol’ Opry country classics

About  ‘Saltwater Joy’ 

Old Time Atlantic Coast Music Band 

The ‘Saltwater Joy’ band, launched from Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore, is currently making waves with the resurgence of what the band refers to as “Old Time Atlantic Coast Music”. 

Saltwater Joy performs a full lineup of well-known songs from East Coast favorite artists: John Allan Cameron, Anne Murray, Rita MacNeil, Stan Rogers, Hank Snow, Ron Hynes, Wayne Chaulk, Stompin’ Tom Connors (and more), and the band’s performance is reminiscent of the very popular “Singalong Jubilee” Program.

With the strong Irish influence in Atlantic Coast Music, Saltwater Joy is drawn to playing well-known Irish folk and sea songs, and they have become the mainstay on the ‘Saltwater Joy’ ship. And, as Saltwater Joy continues to sail along on its musical journey, the band continuously adds songs to their line from well-loved bands such as Great Big Sea, the Irish Rovers, Ryan’s Fancy, the Clancy Brothers and the Dubliners, to name a few. Saltwater Joy is also attracted to the ‘Bluegrass’ along the shore … so they bring those tunes onboard as well. 

There is no end to the Atlantic Coast musical treasures Saltwater Joy will continue to bring to the surface, as the band continues to keep the waves of these old tunes flowing. The band has a significant following of friends from Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and across the country. There’s something about Atlantic Coast Music that makes us long for the sea. And, for those who left its shores this music brings them home with every tune.

The Saltwater crew plays strictly for the fun of it! The band has two chapters, one in Nova Scotia and the other in Saskatchewan. The core, founding members of the band reside at homes in both provinces, spending several months in each location. Saltwater Joy are musicians who play the music they love in their retirement years, and experience the joy of sharing it. The band entertains for groups of all ages and makes its way to community halls and events, theatres, public gatherings and festivals, outdoor venues, private parties … and on certain occasions, a few pubs. Saltwater Joy plays year-round … and throughout the course of each year, the band brings the music to folks who are unable to come out to it. Last year Saltwater Joy entertained folks numbering in the 7,000 plus range, who live in special care homes and seniors’ complexes throughout Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan.

Saltwater Joy’s “Old Time Atlantic Coast Music” has a very broad appeal. From those who know the songs word for word … to those who hear them for the first time … the tunes have you jumping onboard within minutes! 

Tickets for this event are $15 and available through ‘The Biggar Independent’ and the ‘Biggar Pharmasave’. Tickets will also be available at the door.

For more information about Saltwater Joy, visit us on Facebook where music and friends meet at: https://www.facebook.com/Saltwater-Joy-850502298386010/  

saltwater joy

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